Paradise: Costa Ballena

When in September 2000 I moved to live in Costa Ballena, I did so initially for the comfort of living near my workplace as well as by the benefits that I sensed that living in the complex would bring. I must admit that the reward has been great. Year after year, my temporary summer neighbors leave with great sorrow to their cities of origin and congratulate us on how lucky we are to be able to live here all year round.

"Everyone dreams of being able to retire and live permanently in Costa Ballena. "

Although in summer, as in Rota Pueblo, Costa Ballena comes alive to excess, from September to June it is a delight to walk through its streets, through its 4 km of beach and through its parks and gardens. At the beginning, as in all the urbanizations far from the urban nucleus, we had to go shopping, to the pharmacy, to the doctor, to Rota Pueblo. My daughter, who is currently 20 years old and is in her third year of university, attended school and institute in Rota Pueblo since she was 5 years old, which made us travel 10 Kms each day one way and as many back. However, we never consider stopping living here. Over the years we have managed to have a Mercadona and a pharmacy in the complex, for the rest we need to continue moving to other locations, but we do not change the good that living in Costa Ballena brings us to living in a City with all its services.

Costa Ballena is magnificently well located to have at our disposal everything we need for our daily life. In just 10 minutes we are in Rota Pueblo, in Chipiona, in Sanlúcar, and a few kilometers more, in 20 minutes we are in Jerez or El Puerto de Santa María.

"Living in Costa Ballena does not mean, not at all, living in the middle of the field. "

Costa Ballena is synonymous with a privileged environment where birds abound, green areas and open spaces of a nature that although originally was previously designed by professional landscapers, the passing of the years and the development of said elements have done the job. for which they were designed, that is, to become green spaces for the use and enjoyment of residents and visitors (whose number is increasing each year). Garbage collection is done using a pneumatic system so there are no full containers or bad smells at any time. We have a centralized TV headboard that prevents antennas from being seen everywhere and piped gas that avoids running out of hot water in the middle of the shower.

It is curious that when I tell someone for the first time that I am a continuous resident of Costa Ballena, almost inevitably the immediate question is, do you have a feeling of insecurity when living in a complex far from the urban center and where 90% of the houses remain uninhabited? for most of the year ?. There are two compelling reasons that totally disable such fear: 1.- Costa Ballena has an internal security service that constantly patrols the complex. 2.- The number of incidents in terms of security in Costa Ballena, precisely at the time when the complex is at the time of lesser influx of residents, is practically nil and is clearly lower in percentage than it may reflect, for example , Rota Pueblo.

"As you can see, from what was written above, we are in love with Costa Ballena. "

As you can see, from what has been written above, we are in love with Costa Ballena and unless force majeure arises, our desire, at least that of my husband and mine, is to continue living here for many years. However, I must also point out that all happiness carries a cost and in the case of living in Costa Ballena the cost is high. The owner of Costa Ballena pays a high IBI since all the streets of Costa Ballena are considered first class, unlike Rota Pueblo where it is not the same to live on an avenue than in a narrow street. Costa Ballena has a Private Security Service and an Urban Conservation Entity that is responsible for the maintenance of the green areas and the cleaning of its streets that are borne by the owners of the complex, so the Community fees are seen increased in percentage terms with those expenses. But what is true is that nothing in life is perfect or free, and despite everything we are delighted to live in Costa Ballena.

Original article by: Primi Sánchez

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